Tuf Tex 17" Assortments

*NOTE* The numbers of any one color are not known, if you want that color it is best to buy via single colors!
There are not even numbers of colors in assortments. They are weighed out in large batches with all the colors mixed together.

Standard Assortment - No White
Pastel Assortment
Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow
Baby Blue, Mint Green, Baby Pink, Teal, Yellow
Tropical Assortment
Crystal Assortment
Goldenrod, Green, Hot Pink, Lavender, Mint Green, Turquoise
Aquamarine, Burgundy, Clr. Yellow, Cryst. Clear, Crystal Red, Emerald, Magenta, Purple, Sapphire, Tangerine
Autumn Assortment
Patriotic Assortment
Brown, Burgundy, Goldenrod, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow
Red, White, Sapphire

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